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Easy Rainbow Craft for Young Kids

Wondering how to keep your kids busy today? I have a fun and easy rainbow craft to keep your kids happy and occupied. The supplies and prep are minimal so you can start in no time.

Make this easy rainbow craft a learning opportunity

This craft provides great opportunities for your children to learn kindergarten readiness skills while having fun. They can identify colors, develop fine motor skills, and also practice cutting. If appropriate for your children, you can also have them practice writing their name on their finished craft.

Parents of a young toddler can tailor this craft to their child’s age. Adults can do the cutting and gluing and allow the toddler to place the squares onto the glue.

Supplies needed for fun and easy rainbow craft
To do this craft, you’ll need colored paper squares, glue, and a rainbow image. You can draw a rainbow or subscribe to emails for a free printable PDF.


  1. Glue or glue stick
  2. Scissors (child-safe)
  3. Colored paper
  4. Rainbow image (I have a printable PDF for email subscribers.)

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Get crafting

Here’s how to put the rainbow together. This is so simple!

Cut the colored paper into approximately one inch squares. They do not have to be perfect in any way. You can do this or have your child practice with child-safe scissors.

Glue the colored squares along the rainbow lines (and the clouds too, if the kids want!).

Colorful paper squares to be used in fun and easy rainbow craft

Enjoy your easy rainbow craft!

I hope your kids enjoy this fun rainbow craft. Let me know how it goes! Comment below.

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30 replies on “Easy Rainbow Craft for Young Kids”

Love this craft! We did something similar last week and it was a little more complex- used paper we shredded and did all of the colors of the rainbow- so the craft project bled into this week. I think I making the rainbow more than the kids (because I think mine was too complicated) and i found myself trying to coerce them into to finishing it. Lol. The conclusion: Simple is always better with little ones. This craft looks like it would have done better.

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