Preschool Workbooks

I love creating resources to assist parents in teaching their preschoolers at home! These are the workbooks currently available.

Clicking on the image or the “Read More” below will take you to the post introducing the workbook and explain how to get your printable copy.

Preschool Math Workbook

A 25 page, printable workbook featuring fingerprint counting, number writing, count and match activities, and more!

Patterns Workbook

A 25 page, printable workbook full of “What comes next?” activities. Play dough patterns, cereal patterns, and more!

Preschool Cutting Workbook

A 27 page, printable workbook featuring line cutting, shape cutting, and cut and paste!

Shapes Preschool Workbook

Shape matching, shape coloring by key, shape cutting and pasting, and tracing!

12 Winter Themed Worksheets

Coloring page, roll and color, shape match all with a winter twist!

Big and Small Worksheets

Explore the concept of size with 10 size concepts worksheets.

Alphabet Coloring Pages

A-Z coloring pages that include upper and lower case forms of each letter, along with fun images!

Opposites Workbook

Match opposites, circle the opposite, create a book about opposite pairs, and more!

Summer Activity Pages

13 printable pages! Coloring pages, summer bucket list, find the letter and more.

100+ Alphabet Worksheets

Teach letter recognition and sounds with these worksheets.

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