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Free Doctor and Hospital Dramatic Play Printable Pages

Since being home for the summer, my kids have been playing doctor and vet non-stop. They pretend diagnose and treat my husband and me, each other, and every stuffed animal in the house. I created these Doctor Dramatic Play Printable Pages to give them opportunities to write down their observations, diagnoses, and treatments as part of their play. They loved the printable pages and I hope your kids do, too!

What is dramatic play?

Dramatic play is play where children often reenact everyday activities or situations. It’s often called pretend play or imaginative play, and it’s important! Dramatic play teaches social, language, fine motor, math, and literacy skills.

A doctor’s office, restaurant, and grocery store are all great scenes for dramatic play.

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Here are the medical kits (for humans and animals) my kids have and love. I’m a little embarrassed that we have five kits in one house, but they are some of my kids’ favorite toys, and it’s nice to have many tools for three kids playing at the same time. These are affiliate links.

  1. Fisher Price Medical Kit
  2. B. Toys. B. Doctor Kit
  3. B. Critter Clinic Toy
  4. Doc McStuffins Pet Rescue Mobile
  5. Doc McStuffins On the Go Pet Carrier

I also came across this dress up costume and think it will also be great for dramatic play.

What are the doctor dramatic play printable pages?

These printable pages include a check list for observations, and places to record a diagnosis, and treatment while playing doctor.

Because my kids also often treat their stuffed animals, I also include pages intended for animals as well as humans.

As a bonus, I also include a page of X-ray images and an eye chart for pretend play!

The intention is that these pages will serve as props alongside a toy medical kit for kids to play with.

Additionally, laminating the printable pages may be helpful in order to reuse the same pages with a dry erase marker.

Image of dramatic play vet checklist.
The vet checklist has areas for observations, diagnosis, and treatment for dramatic play.

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Let me know how you enjoy the Doctor Dramatic Play Printable Pages!

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