Colorful Free Printable Shape Flashcards

I’ve been working on shapes with my preschoolers, and have found it useful to have shape flashcards to test their knowledge and play simple games. No need to scour the internet, spend money and wait for shape flashcards to arrive. I have free, printable, colorful Shape Flashcards that you can download right now. I hope […]

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Free, Printable Bear Counter Pattern Cards

My four year olds love playing with our bear counters and also love creating patterns. Here, I’ve combined the two and created free, printable Bear Counter Pattern Cards for my kids and yours to enjoy. Bear Counter Pattern Cards develop patterning skills The Bear Counter Pattern Cards give kids an opportunity to ask “What comes […]

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Easy Rainbow Craft for Young Kids

Wondering how to keep your kids busy today? I have a fun and easy rainbow craft to keep your kids happy and occupied. The supplies and prep are minimal so you can start in no time. Disclaimer: The information published in this blog is for information and entertainment purposes only. I am not an expert […]