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Spring Painting with Toilet Paper Rolls

Here are some great ideas to create Spring Paintings with Toilet Paper Rolls. Toilet paper rolls are a great stamping tool for preschoolers to paint with, they’re easy to come by and easy to use. I hope our creations give you ideas of spring paintings you can create with your kids!

What do you need for spring painting with toilet paper rolls?

Supplies needed for spring painting with toilet paper rolls.
The supplies needed to create these spring paintings – toilet paper roll(s), washable paint, paper, and a paintbrush.

This is my kind of project because the list of things you need is short, and you probably have all the items you need around your house.

All you need is paper, child-safe washable paint (not affiliated), a paint brush, and at least one toilet paper roll to do this project.

More toilet paper rolls makes painting easier, because you can use one roll for each color. If you only have one, you can either cut it into smaller pieces and use one piece for each color, or wipe the paint off the roll each time you change colors.

Paper towel rolls will also work!

Ideas for spring paintings with toilet paper rolls

  1. Rainbow
  2. Flower
  3. Rain cloud
  4. Flower garden
  5. Butterfly
  6. Caterpillar

To make these paintings, we used the toilet paper rolls to first stamp the circles. Then, we used a paint brush to fill in the other parts of the painting, like the stems on the flowers and the body of the butterfly.

To create the leaves on the flowers, we squished the toilet paper rolls a little bit into an oval shape.

Pin it for later!

Pinterest pin describing spring painting ideas with toilet paper rolls.

Let me know how your paintings go!

I’d love to hear how your spring paintings go! Please let me know if your kids enjoy making them, and if you have any more ideas of things to make with toilet paper rolls. Leave a comment below.

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