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I’ve been working on shapes with my preschoolers, and have found it useful to have shape flashcards to test their knowledge and play simple games. No need to scour the internet, spend money and wait for shape flashcards to arrive. I have free, printable, colorful Shape Flashcards that you can download right now. I hope you love them for quick, easy and effective shape practice with your little ones.

Shape Identification is Important!

Before starting kindergarten, it’s helpful if kids are able to recognize and name several shapes including:

  1. rectangle
  2. square
  3. circle
  4. triangle
  5. diamond
  6. heart
  7. star
  8. oval

If you’re wondering what other skills are important for kindergarten readiness, I love this article that describes academic and non-academic skills kids should know before kindergarten.

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How to Use Shape Flashcards

Shape Flashcards can be used in dozens of ways!

  • Most often we use flashcards in a very simple way. I show my children a flashcard and when they correctly identify the shape, they get a “prize” which could be a sticker or even a tally mark on a paper scoreboard. If we’re playing with multiple kids, the child with the most correctly identified shapes wins!
  • You can also have children stand across the room, show them one Shape Flashcard at a time, and when they correctly identify a shape, they take one step towards you. When they get to you, the game is over!
  • In Flashcard Hide and Seek, you hide flashcards around the room while the child isn’t looking. When your child finds one, he or she identifies the shape.
  • Laminate flashcards and use them for shape drawing practice. Alternatively, they can use string to outline the shape.
  • Flashcards with words can be used for practice reading shape names. Simply, show the child the flashcards and ask them to read the name.
  • Flashcards without words can also be used for shape word spelling practice. Show the child the flashcard and ask them to spell out the shape name.

What’s included in the Shape Flashcard free, printable?

preview of shape flashcards with words
Preview of the free, printable Shape Flashcards
preview of shape flashcards without words
Cards without shape words are great for practicing spelling shapes.

The PDF Shape Flashcard printable includes four pages of 12 shape flashcards, each about 4 x 3 inches in size.

The shapes included are:

  1. circle
  2. rectangle
  3. square
  4. triangle
  5. oval
  6. diamond
  7. pentagon
  8. hexagon
  9. octagon
  10. star
  11. heart
  12. crescent

There are two sets of flash cards, a set with shape words on the front and a set without. When practicing spelling shape names, for instance, it is helpful to have cards without the names.

For durability, I recommend laminating the cards. Once laminated, they can also be used for activities like shape tracing with a dry erase marker.

Get Free, Printable Shape Flash Cards

Terms and Conditions:

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  3. These Flashcards may also not be sold, hosted, stored, or reproduced on any other site or blog.
  4. Adult supervision is required for children’s activities. It is up to the child’s caretakers to determine what is developmentally appropriate and safe for their child. Caretakers also have full responsibility for child safety and development.

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Let me know how you like the Free, Printable Shape Flashcards!

I’d love to know how you use these Shape Flashcards. Also, are there other flashcards I can provide that would be of help to you? I want to hear about it. Leave a comment below.

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