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Design My Own Fish Bowl Activity

My kids love coloring, cutting, and pasting and I have created a free printable activity that combines all of these activities into one! Today, I’m sharing a free Design My Own Fish Bowl Activity.

What is the Design My Own Fish Bowl activity?

This activity is so simple, but fun. Kids can color the elements of a fish bowl, then cut them out and paste them in the bowl however they like.

Using crayons and markers and cutting are also kindergarten readiness skills. This project gives kids opportunities to learn while they’re having fun!

Additionally, my kids love being able to make a project their own. Choosing the colors they use and where to place the elements of the fish bowl is something they really enjoy.

image preview of design your own fish bowl activity

What supplies do you need for the Design My Own Fish Bowl activity?

You probably already have everything you need to complete this activity!

  1. Washable crayons or markers
  2. Child-safe scissors
  3. Glue or glue stick
Pictures of my kids creating their own fish bowl.
My four year old twins loved coloring, cutting, and pasting to create their own fish bowl just the way they wanted.

Terms and Conditions: 

By downloading the Design My Own Fish Bowl Activity, you accept these terms and conditions. 

  1. This activity was created by Hey Kelly Marie to be used for personal and personal classroom use. 
  2. The activity is copyright protected. © 2020 Hey Kelly Marie and all rights reserved.
  3. This activity may not be sold, hosted, stored, or reproduced on any other site or blog.
  4. Adult supervision should be provided for children’s activities. It is the responsibility of the child’s caretakers to determine what is developmentally appropriate and safe for their child. Caretakers have full responsibility for child safety and development.
Pinterest pin of cut and paste design your own fish bowl activity.

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