15 Fine Arts Activities for Kids: Painting, Photography, and More

Here are 15 awesome fine arts activities for kids. These activities teach kids about several areas of fine arts including painting, drawing, mosaics, photography, sculpture, music, and more.

Fine art is art developed for aesthetics or beauty.

The goal of these activities is not for kids to create highly skilled and professional art, but for them to learn a little bit about and get a taste of different areas of the fine arts.

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Activity #1: Finger painting with Monet from Arty Mommy

In this activity, kids use finger paint to dab paint so that it gives a similar effect to Impressionist style painting. Arty Mommy gives lots of suggestions of how to discuss Impressionism and use of warm and cool colors with kids.

Activity #2: Directed drawing

preview of step by step drawing bundle for kids, a fine arts activity for kids

Directed drawing is a great introduction to drawing for kids. Directed drawing teaches kids how to draw a picture step-by-step. I have created four step-by-step drawing worksheets for kids to learn to draw a butterfly, boat, baby, and bunny. They’re free printables and a great place to start.

Activity #3: Read Poetry

Reading poetry to kids is a great way to introduce poetry to kids. Here is a list of great poetry books for kids from Everyday Reading. Having kids search for rhyming words in poems is also a great way to sharpen early reading skills.

Activity #4: Paper Mosaics!

Mosaics made from free, printable templates.

Mosaics are a wonderful art activity for kids, and they can be made from something as simple as small pieces of paper. I have created 10 free, printable templates for paper mosaics. In these activities, kids place small pieces of colored paper in the different sections of the template and create their own unique mosaic works of art!

Activity #5: Painted Salt Scultures

Making painted salt sculptures from Fun at Home with Kids is a great way to introduce kids to sculpture. Once the salt sculpture is molded from a sandcastle form, kids can use water colors and an eye dropper to paint it.

Activity #6: Craft Stick and Watercolor Sculpture

Making sculptures from craft sticks and watercolor is a simple and fun fine art activity from Childhood 101. Kids can glue craft sticks together so that they overlap, then paint or color them, and hang them from fishing line.

Activity #7: If You’re ‘Something’ and You Know It Drama Game

This drama activity from Teach Starter is a twist on the traditional “If you’re happy and you know it.” It’s a perfect activity for beginners and gets kids using their bodies, movement, and voices to act out emotions.

Activity #8: My Bio Poem

This poetry activity from Proud to Be Primary walks kids through writing a poem about themselves. There is a free, printable template for writing these poems at the bottom of the post.

Activity #9: Learn Photography through Taking Pictures!

Kids often love taking pictures, and a great way to teach them about photography is to direct them to take pictures of a certain subject. Here are 15 photography projects for kids from At Home with Kids that should keep kids busy! We own these kids’ cameras (affiliate link) and they would be great for this type of project. Once the pictures are taken and printed, kids can decorate a picture frame (affiliate link) to keep them in.

Activity #10: Explore Printmaking with Leaf Rubbing Plates

Kids can learn the basics of printmaking through creating prints with leaf rubbing plates from Freshly Planted. The leaf plates are created with leaves, Modge Podge, and pieces of cardboard.

Activity #11: Craft Paper Cup Instruments

Creating DIY musical instruments is a great way to teach kids about music. The Craft Train has full instructions on how to create instruments from paper cups!

Activity #12: Enjoy music with movement!

Young kids especially enjoy music that gets them moving! Preschool Inspirations has collected great movement and action songs for kids. Action songs can be used in the classroom, at home, on rainy days and more.

Activity #13: Straw Architecture

Building houses out of straws is a great hands-on architecture activity for kids from Emma Owl.

Activity #14: Build with Marshmallows and Toothpicks

This activity from The Idea Room gets kids building structures with marshmallows and toothpicks. Kids can even recreate a building they like or have read about with these materials.

Activity #15: Make a pinch pot!

Pinch pots are a great activity for kids and are a wonderful introduction to pottery. Emma Owl gives great step by step instructions and a supply list.

What do you think of these 15 Fine Arts Activities for Kids?

I’d love to hear what you think of these 15 Fine Arts Activities for Kids! Have you tried any of them? Additionally, do you have any other ideas for fine arts activities for kids? Leave a comment below.

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