Great Garden Activities for Kids

Here is a roundup of 10 Garden Activities for Kids! These activities are great for enjoying the garden with kids, whether it’s part of a large farm or a small balcony.

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Activity #1: Create a Garden Stone

Making a garden stone is a great way to personalize your garden space. With the help of an adult, kids can mix the cement with water, pour it into a mold, and then add colorful stones, write their name, or place their handprint. Garden stones are made to last and make wonderful keepsakes and grandparent gifts. This mosaic stepping stone kit (affiliate link) is a great place to start.

Activity #2: Paint Flower Pots!

Painting flower pots is a fun activity for kids. Once painted, kids can fill their pots with flowers from the garden store or plant seeds. This flower pot painting kit (affiliate link) is a great option.

Activity #3: Plant some seeds!

Planting seeds is a great way for kids to learn how herbs, flowers, and vegetables grow. To plant seeds, you’ll need seed starting mix (affiliate link), a seed starting tray (affiliate link) or pot, and seeds, of course. I like getting seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds or True Leaf Market (not affiliated).

Activity #4: Create A Pretend Garden Store

Creating a pretend garden store is a great way for kids to learn about gardening. I have created 17 free, printable pages that make creating your own dramatic play garden store easy and fun.

Activity #5: Paint and Hang a Bird House

Bird houses are a great way to make a garden space your own, and can facilitate a lot of great discussions about the birds that are in your area. There are lots of kits available, some direct kids to assemble the birdhouse (affiliate link), while others are for decorating (affiliate link). Once they’re finished, the birdhouses can be hung from a tree or a hook.

Activity #5: Nature Paint Brushes from Messy Little Monster

This nature paint brush activity is a great way to explore an outside space, and use pieces of nature to create something new. Kids can collect pieces of nature outside and assemble paintbrushes by attaching them to sticks. Once assembled, the nature paint brushes can be used to make a fantastic new piece of art.

Activity #7: Sink and Float Water Play from My Bored Toddler

This sink and float water play activity gets kids thinking, as they collect items from their outside space and see if they sink or float in a tub of water. My Bored Toddler has some additional awesome ideas to expand on the sink or float activity, so be sure to read the whole article.

Activity #8: Flower stamping from The Cozy Red Cottage

Flower stamping is a great way for kids to make art with the flowers around their homes or yards.

Activity #9: Backyard Scavenger Hunt from So Easy Being Green

A backyard scavenger hunt is a great way to get everyone outside. I love this free, printable Backyard Scavenger Hunt because there is an image for each item on the list, so kids that can’t read yet can easily follow it.

Activity #10: Make Nature Bracelets from Craft, Learn, and Play

This simple and brilliant activity uses masking tape and natural objects to create beautiful nature bracelets.

What do you think of these Garden Activities for Kids?

I’d love to hear what you think of these garden activities for kids. Have you tried any of them? Which is your favorite? Please leave a comment below.

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