Free Zoo Dramatic Play Printables for Pretend Play at School and Home

My kids love pretend play, and they had a blast creating a play zoo with me using this set of 18 Free Zoo and Zookeeper Dramatic Play Printables. This set is great for pretend play at home or at school.

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What’s included in this set of Free Zookeeper Dramatic Play Printables?

welcome to the zoo pretend play printables

This set of Free Zoo Dramatic Play Printable Resources includes everything I could think of for kids to have a great time creating their own zoo. The list of zoo printables includes:

  1. Welcome to the Zoo sign
  2. The Zoo is open/closed signs
  3. Zoo Map
  4. Welcome to the Snack Bar
  5. Snack Bar Menu
  6. Play Money (for admission, carousel, and snack bar transactions)
  7. Zoo Admission Tickets
  8. Zoo Staff Name Badges
  9. Gorilla, Lion, Elephant Exhibit Signs
  10. Giraffe, Zebra, Panda Exhibit Signs
  11. Penguin, Rhinoceros, Polar Bear Exhibit Signs
  12. Monkey, Bear, and Tiger Exhibit signs
  13. Zoo Staff Daily Animal Care Checklist
  14. Veterinarian Zoo Animal Checkup Checklist
  15. Please Do Not Feed the Animals Sign
  16. Carousel Line Starts Here Sign
  17. Carousel Tickets
  18. Exhibit is Under Construction and Animal Off Exhibit Signs
preview of zoo dramatic play printables

Supplies to Enhance Zoo / Zookeeper Dramatic Play

Here are some toys, costumes, and supplies that might add some extra fun to your pretend zoo setup:

  1. Cargo vest and hat (aff link)
  2. Veterinarian costume (aff link)
  3. Play vet set (aff link)
  4. Zoo animal set (aff link)
  5. ID card protective cases (for Zoo Staff Badges) (aff link)
  6. Wire storage shelves (potential animal cages) (aff link)
  7. Laminating sheets (make checklists reusable) (aff link)
exhibit printables for dramatic play

Zoo Books for Kids

I love incorporating books into pretend play with my kids. Reading a book about the topic can give us all more ideas for play and help us learn something too.

Here are a few books about zoos to consider:

  1. What Do You Do If You Work at the Zoo? (aff link)
  2. What Did Molly See at the Zoo? (aff link)
  3. Let’s Go to Our Zoo (aff link)
preview of carousel zoo dramatic play printables

Why should we encourage dramatic play?

Dramatic play is a type of play where kids pretend to be someone or something else. Acting as a doctor, postal employee, or pilot are all examples of dramatic play. Dramatic play is also often called pretend or imaginary play.

In addition to being really fun, dramatic play has several great benefits for kids. Dramatic play encourages self-regulation, communication skills, and conflict resolution. For more on this, I suggest reading this article from Sarah at

Get Your Free Zoo / Zookeeper Dramatic Play Printables

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