Show and Tell Ideas that Start with G

My twins’ preschool class has show and tell every week, and each week’s theme is a different letter of the alphabet. Every week, I spend at least a few minutes brainstorming items we own that start with the letter of the week. I know many other preschool and kindergarten parents are doing the same. I’m making all our lives and compiling as many ideas as I can think of for each letter of the alphabet! Here are my show and tell ideas that start with G!

General Tips for Finding a Show and Tell Item

Preschoolers can learn a lot through show and tell, and my kids love it! Here are my tips to make choosing show and tell items a little easier.

Decide what to bring the day before (or even earlier!) There is nothing worse than scrambling to get out the door and thinking “Oh no! We forgot show and tell!” I have been there. It’s not fun. Set an alarm or write it on your calendar to take care of this the day before.

pinterest pin describing more than 50 show and tell ideas that start with the letter G

If your child has a hard time sticking to the theme, it might help to lay out a few items that start with that letter and let them choose from those. The times I’ve taken my twins to the toy box to look for something, they often had a hard time limiting their focus to the letter of the week. They just want to bring their favorite toy.

Consider discussing with your preschooler that once we decide, he/she can’t change their mind. It has happened more than once that my twins decide what they want to bring, and then the morning of, decide that item isn’t actually what they wanted. This leads to a frustrating last second scramble.

Search your toy box for ideas. You’ll be surprised what you find! If you have letter blocks, they can be an easy go-to idea.

Search your book and DVD shelves for titles that start with the letter of the week.

Foods, animals, places, and characters are my other go-to categories for ideas.

Show and Tell Ideas that Start With G

images of show and tell ideas that start with the letter G
  1. grill
  2. gorilla
  3. girl
  4. game
  5. golf club or ball
  6. grass
  7. giraffe
  8. grape
  9. grasshopper
  10. gear
  11. glove
  12. guitar
  13. glasses
  14. gong
  15. gazelle
  16. green tea
  17. gecko
  18. gerbil
  19. goldfish
  20. goose
  21. grizzly bear
  22. green pepper
  23. green beans
  24. garlic
  25. ginger
  26. garbage truck
  27. Garfield
  28. globe
  29. ghost
  30. Gumby
  31. Goldilocks
  32. Grover from Sesame Street
  33. Goofy
  34. Guess who?
  35. Garden or gardening tools
  36. Goal (soccer or football goal)
  37. gold coins
  38. grandparents (picture)
  39. gummy bears
  40. gum
  41. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
  42. Genie from Aladdin
  43. Grumpy from Snow White
  44. G.I. Joe
  45. George from Curious George
  46. Godzilla
  47. Green Hornet
  48. groceries
  49. George Washington ($1 bill)
  50. Germany, Greece, Guatemala, etc.
  51. Gift (a box wrapped up)
  52. gymnastics
  53. galaxy
  54. governor (picture of your local governor)

Let me know what you think of these show and tell ideas that start with G!

I’d love to know what you think about these show and tell ideas that start with F. Is this series helpful to you? Are there other show and tell ideas that I forgot? Leave a comment below.

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pinterest pin describing more than 50 ideas for show and tell items that start with the letter G

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