Pretend Play School Printable Set

I have so many vivid memories playing pretend school with my cousins as a child. One of us played the teacher, while the others were the students. The “teacher” thoroughly enjoyed instructing the other kids in our makeshift classroom. We played school so often that our parents picked up some old fashioned school desks at a second hand sale. Now that I’m a parent, my kids also love playing school. I have created this set of Pretend Play School Printable Resources for them to use. I am thrilled to also share them with you!

These are the printable resources I would have loved to play with as a child! This set of Pretend Play School Printables includes a variety of printable pages to enhance dramatic school play. There is an attendance sheet and a morning meeting sheet with spots for the date, weather, and schedule. There are also name tags for teachers, cafeteria staff, and librarian. Additionally, there is a lunch menu, worksheets to give kids a jump start creating their lessons, and a blank handwriting practice page.

Benefits to Dramatic Play

Pretend and dramatic play are often a lot of fun for kids. This type of play also has many benefits for kids. Pretend play gives kids an opportunity for self-expression, to learn new skills, and to creatively solve problems. Be sure to also check out the other dramatic play printable resources from Hey Kelly Marie below.

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What Does the Play School Printable Set Include?

Preview of printable play school set.

This set of Pretend Play School Printables is 10 pages. Here is what is available in the free PDF download:

  1. Welcome to school sign
  2. School employee name tags for teachers, cafeteria, library, and more (2 pages)
  3. Teacher’s desk sign
  4. “Good morning” morning meeting page
  5. Handwriting practice page
  6. Learn to write letter formation page
  7. Subtraction practice worksheet
  8. Lunch menu
  9. Class attendance record sheet

Other Dramatic and Pretend Play Printables from Hey Kelly Marie

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Get Your Pretend Play School Printable Set

Terms and Conditions:

By downloading the Pretend School Printable Set, you accept these terms and conditions. 

  1. These printable pages are a creation of Hey Kelly Marie for personal and personal classroom use. 
  2. The pages are also copyright protected. © 2022 Hey Kelly Marie and all rights reserved.
  3. Additionally, this free printable may not be sold, hosted, stored, or reproduced on any other site or blog.
  4. Adult supervision is essential for children’s activities. It is up to the child’s caretakers to determine what is developmentally appropriate and safe for their child. Caretakers have full responsibility for child safety and development.

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What do you think of these dramatic play printables?

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