Free, Printable Fine Motor Skills Worksheets

I am so excited to share these Free, Printable Fine Motor Skills Worksheets. There are snip strips to practice scissor skills, hole punch practice worksheets, cotton swab painting activities, play dough activity mats, prewriting tracing worksheets, and dot marker activities.

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What are fine motor skills?

Fine motor skills are skills that involve the coordination of small muscles of the hands with the eyes. Fine motor skills are important in completing everyday tasks such as eating and getting dressed. These skills are also important in developing handwriting, drawing, and coloring.

The development of fine motor skills in preschool aged kids has also been linked to executive function development and social behavior. Additionally, it’s been found that development of fine motor skills fosters language development in early childhood.

There are many ways to practice fine motor skills and build hand strength in children. These include building with blocks, working with play dough, practicing scissor skills, lacing beads, and doing puzzles.

The activities included in the Free, Printable Fine Motor Skills Workbook give kids an opportunity practice fine motor skills through various fun and easy activities.

What activities are in the Free, Printable Fine Motor Skills Workbook?

This printable resource features several awesome types of fine motor skills activities.

Snip and Fringe Cutting Practice

free printable snip and fringe cutting practice sheets for kids to practice fine motor skills.
Snip and fringe cutting practice sheets.

The first activity are free, printable snip cutting strips. Adults can cut the strips and then, kids can practice cutting snips. A snip is a cut made with one open and closure of the scissors. Snip cutting can help kids learn to hold scissors correctly. The directions instruct kids to start cutting at the black dot and cut towards either a colorful star or heart.

In the next activity, kids can practice making fringe cuts on a lion’s mane. Adults can cut out the lion to remove the extra white paper around the lion’s face. Then, kids can color the lion if they wish and practice fringe cuts around the lion’s head to create a mane.

Cotton Swab Paintings

free printable cotton swab painting activities as part of the fine motor skills worksheets
Cotton swab painting activities.

The next free, printable fine motor skills activities are cotton swab paintings. There are three fun images for kids to paint of a spider, a penguin, and a necklace. To complete the activity, kids dip a cotton swab in washable, non-toxic paint and then fill the empty circles. There is plenty of room for creativity as kids can choose the color they paint, and even paint the other areas of the image if they’d like.

Hole Punching Strips

hole punching activities where kids practice punching holes and develop fine motor skills
Strips to practice hole punching.

Hole punching strips are the next activity in the free, printable fine motor skills worksheets. Kids can use a hole punch to punch out the smiley faces and sun shapes. I have found that kids love using hole punches and this is a great activity to improve hand strength. To make the hole punching more challenging, you can print out the strips on cardstock or heavier paper.

Play Dough Activity Mats

free printable play dough activity mats
Play dough activity mats.

The next free, printable fine motor skills activities are play dough activity mats. There is an empty plate, a face outline, and ice cream cones. Kids can add the details to images using play dough. To protect the paper, you can insert it into a plastic bag or laminate it. I like these laminating sheets (affiliate link) for use without a laminator.

This article from Michigan State University gives a great explanation of the benefits of playing with play dough for fine motor skill development.

Prewriting Tracing Worksheets

prewriting tracing worksheets to practice handwriting and fine motor skills
Prewriting tracing worksheets.

There are also two prewriting tracing worksheets included in this printable resource. Kids can trace vertical, diagonal, and curved lines. If you are looking for more worksheets like these, check out the Free, Printable Prewriting Tracing Worksheets.

Dot Marker Activities

dot marker activity pages
Dot marker activities.

Lastly, there are three unique dot marker activity pages. There is a dog, a star, and a heart with empty circles that kids can use dot markers (affiliate link) to fill.

Supplies needed for these activities

To complete all of the worksheets included in the PDF, you’ll need a few supplies.

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