Colors Theme Preschool Coloring Pages

I am so excited to share these Colors Themed Preschool Coloring Pages. There are 8 coloring sheets, each with a specific color theme. The pages include the color word and fun images of animals, household objects, plants, etc. that are often that color.

The red coloring page, for instance, has pictures of a fire truck, strawberry, apple, and crab. There are coloring pages for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white.

These coloring pages are great for getting little ones familiar with colors and recognizing colors in their environment.

There are many different ways to use these coloring pages with kids. I love the idea of putting washable crayons, markers, and watercolor paints all of the same color on the table and letting kids color their pages with them. I’d love to hear how you use these pages. Please leave a comment at the end of the post!

pinterest pin of color themed coloring sheets for kids learning about colors

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Our Favorite Coloring Supplies

Our favorite coloring supplies are these washable crayons and markers (affiliate links). Alternatively, when my kids were small toddlers, we used these crayons (affiliate link) and loved them.

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Other Resources for Preschoolers

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I want your feedback!

I love hearing from readers and I’d also love to know what you think of these colors theme preschool coloring pages. How did you use them with your kids? Leave a comment below.

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