Amazing Bug Activities for Kids this Spring and Summer

I’ve rounded up a list of 11 super fun Bug Activities for Kids. These activities are fun for kids and doable for the adults planning them. I have also created TWO free printable bug activities (Activities #7 & 8). Check out the full list of bug activities below.

I’m planning a “Bug Week” this summer with my three kids, and we’re going to do several of these Bug Activities for Kids. As part of my planning, I have combed the internet looking for activities that are entertaining and yet doable. I also created Bug Coloring Pages and a free, printable Bug Book kids can make themselves.

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Activity #1: Create and Observe an Ant Farm

Creating and observing an ant farm (affiliate link) is a classic bug activity for good reason! Kids can watch ants tunnel up close. The linked Ant Mountain Habitat comes with a voucher and directions to have Western Harvester Ants delivered to you (for about $4 shipping) Please note that the Ant Mountain Habitat linked is for ages 6+.

Activity #2: What types of food do ants like?

This fun science experiment helps kids understand what types of foods the ants in their backyard like to eat. By placing different types of foods outside and waiting, kids can see which types of foods attract ants.

I plan to have each of my kids guess which food they expect our backyard ants to gravitate towards, and then compare their observations to their guess.

Activity #3: Create bug fossils!

In this activity from No Time for Flash Cards, kids create bug fossils by pressing plastic bugs into play dough. This activity is great for a group of kids.

Activity #4: Create 3D Caterpillars.

This 3D caterpillar craft from Easy Peasy Fun comes with a free printable template. I know my crafty kids will love creating their own paper caterpillar!

Activity #5: Observe Bugs with A Bug Viewer

This bug jar (affiliate link) is a great way for a child to get an up close view of bugs in their backyard. As part of this activity, kids can draw a picture of a bug they find. Obviously, only capture kid-friendly bugs. Please note the suggested age for the bug jar is 6+.

Activity #6: Real Bug Discovery Kit

This Real Bugs Discovery Kit (not affiliated) is a fantastic way to view bugs up close. I think this activity is especially great for kids who aren’t interested in interacting with live bugs.

Activity #7: Bug Coloring Pages

bug coloring pages preview free printable
Preview of the free, printable Bug Coloring Pages for kids!

I have created these free, printable Bug Coloring Pages for kids. Kids can have fun coloring the bugs they’re learning about and get to know their makeup more closely.

Activity #8: Create My Own Bug Book

Preview of the free, printable Create My Own Bug Book for kids!
Preview of the free, printable Create My Own Bug Book for kids!

Kids create their own 12 page Bug Book with this free, printable resource. Each page of the book features a different insect.

Activity #9: Decorate Your Own Wings Craft

Kids can decorate their own butterfly wings (affiliate link) and use them for imaginative play.

Activity #10: Watch a Bug Video

To learn some quick facts about bugs, check out this insect video from Socratica Kids.

Activity #11: Bug Books for Kids

Reading books is one of the best ways to learn about any topic, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend some fantastic bug books for kids. We have checked these out from our library and I plan to make time to read them while we work through these bug activities.

Little Kids First Big Book of Bugs (Affiliate link)

The Backyard Bug Book for Kids (Affiliate link)

What do you think of these Bug Activities for Kids?

I’d love to know what you think of these insect activities for kids! Will you try any with your own kids? Leave a comment below.

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