The Best Podcasts I’m Listening to in 2021

Podcasts have become an incredible resource in my life. I listen to them when I’m walking my dog, folding laundry, doing dishes, sweeping the floor, and driving.I love that podcasts make these mundane tasks much more interesting. I can learn something new and find entertainment anywhere at anytime. 

I’m always open to finding new and interesting podcasts to listen to. I love getting podcast recommendations, so I thought I’d share my current favorites. Here they are!

How I Built This

I’m new to this podcast hosted by Guy Raz, but I have really enjoyed the stories of the companies featured.

The Life Coach School Podcast

Brooke Castillo, a life coach who has built a career teaching others how to make their dreams come true, is the host of The Life Coach School Podcast. I have no experience with life coaching, but wow, do I benefit from this podcast. I really love her approach to time management and enjoy the “Monday hour one” and “Throw away your to do list” episodes, especially. The episode on Tolerating is also amazing.

podcasts that i love right now

Frugal Friends

Two friends, Jen and Jill, host the Frugal Friends Podcast. In each episode they discuss articles and their own approaches to saving money on various topics. I consider myself a frugal-ish person and this podcast is full of good ideas. I find the podcast encouraging and motivating and especially loved the episodes on food waste, student loan forgiveness, and saving for college.  

Afford Anything

Afford Anything has taught me so much about personal finance. Before listening, I found financial terminology overwhelming. The host, Paula Pant, covers personal finance, investing, and the psychology of spending money. She has a way of explaining complex topics in a simple way, not an easy feat. My favorite episodes are her “Ask Paula” episodes where listeners call in with their personal questions.

What are your favorite podcasts?

I’d love to hear about podcasts you love! Leave me a comment below. You can also connect with me on Instagram @hey.kellymarie.

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