Free Printable Positional Words Book for Kids to Make

This Free, Printable Positional Words Book is so fun for kids to make. In this activity, kids color and assemble a book called “Where does the frog jump?” The book features different positions a frog can take. The printable includes a frog cut out that kids can use to demonstrate the position of the frog on each page. One page, for example, says “The frog jumps over the log” and kids can use their frog cut out to jump the frog over the log.

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What Are Positional Words?

Positional words are words that describe the position of something or someone. The words are useful in describing the position of something in comparison to something else. Positional words are also called prepositions. Examples of positional words are above, behind, over, on, under, and near.

Grasping positional words gives kids the opportunity to understand where things are in space. Additionally, building the usage of positional words is part of the development of a child’s visual perception and cognitive skills.

What’s Included in the Free Printable Positional Words Book?

preview of positional words book for kids
The Positional Words Book, “Where does the frog jump?”

The Free, Printable Positional Words Book is titled “Where does the frog jump?” On each page, there is a description of a position the frog takes. Kids cut out a fun frog image and use it to demonstrate the positional words on each page. For example, the first page of the book says “The frog jumps over the log.” Kids can grab their frog cut out and move the frog over the log on the page.

How to Assemble the Book

Kids can assemble their “Where does the frog jump?” book in just a few easy steps.

First, kids can cut out the two printable pages into 8 rectangles. One of the rectangles is the frog cut out that is used to demonstrate the positional words. The remaining pages are stacked on top of one another, with the title page on top.

Adults can then help kids attach all of the pages. A hole punch and string work well. Additionally, adults can staple the corner or left side of the pages to bind the book pages.

All of the pages have black and white images that kids can color if they want. Additionally, the positional word used on each page is in bold print.

Get Your Free Printable Positional Words Book

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