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50+ Non-Candy Ideas for Excellent Easter Baskets

Easter is one our family’s favorite holidays. One of our traditions is to give our kids an Easter basket filled with small gifts. For the past few years, we have opted not to include candy in our kids’ Easter baskets (more on why below). Just because there isn’t candy, doesn’t mean there is any less fun! In lieu of candy, I’ve brainstormed 50+ non-candy Easter basket ideas that will bring all the joy without a sugar crash.

I’ve divided the non-candy Easter basket items into different categories: individual snack packs, arts and crafts, small toys, books, and practical items.

Although I’ve listed 50+ ideas here, please don’t feel pressure to fill your kids’ Easter baskets with a ton of different stuff. I don’t think that’s necessary at all. I will probably pick one item from each category and call it good.

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Dyed Easter eggs

Why do we choose non-candy Easter baskets?

The main reason we choose non-candy Easter baskets is that our kids open their Easter baskets first thing in the morning, even before breakfast. When our young kids open a gift, they want everything open right away. Treats need to be tasted, toys and activities need to be played with, and right now!

On a special holiday, we don’t want to have to tell them they can’t open their gifts when they receive them.

Our kids just don’t do well with a bunch of sugar before they’ve had a good meal, so we leave the sugar out. There are plenty of other great options, however, and they don’t miss the sugar one bit!

Easter eggs in clear tray

Save candy for Easter egg hunts

Although I’ve bashed sugar a lot so far, I do think that to a certain extent, jelly beans and egg-shaped candy is part of childhood. A good balance for us is to stuff candy into eggs for Easter egg hunts. Usually egg hunts happen for us in the afternoon, and it is better for our kids to have candy at that time.

This is just what works for us, and I believe there is no “right way” for everyone. Do what works for you!

non-Candy Easter basket with bunny decorations

INDIVIDUAL SNACK PACKS for non-candy Easter baskets

My kids love all these snacks and will be excited to receive them. They also make great on-the-go snacks for Easter activities.

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  1. Mini Cereal boxes
  2. Annie’s Homegrown bunny snacks
  3. Individual chip bags
  4. Veggie straws
  5. Mini muffin bags
  6. Individual popcorn bags
  7. Peanut butter crackers
  8. Peter rabbit fruit pouches
  9. Cereal or granola bars
girl with basket of flowers

ARTS AND CRAFTS for non-candy Easter baskets

Arts and crafts are the most played with items in our home. My kids never get tired of painting, drawing, coloring, and crafting. Easter is a good time to sort through our art bin and figure out what needs to be replaced.

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  1. Free printable Easter coloring book from Happiness is Homemade
  2. Craft kit
  3. Scratch art pad
  4. Water color paint set
  5. Crayola color wonder coloring pages
  6. Spillproof paint cups
  7. Playdoh eggs
  8. Stickers (I find puffy stickers are easier for little hands to handle on their own.)
  9. Kinetic sand individual container
  10. Playfoam
  11. Washable markers
  12. Washable crayons
  13. Imagine ink coloring book
  14. Finger paint paper
  15. Stamp set
  16. Kid-safe scissors
Spring flowers

SMALL TOYS for non-candy Easter baskets

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  1. Bubble blower and bubble wand
  2. Paw Patrol finger puppets
  3. Ball popper
  4. Nerf dart shooter
  5. Jellycat bunny
  6. Bunny puzzle
  7. Sidewalk chalk
Happy Easter sign

BOOKS for non-candy Easter baskets

My kids love books, and I don’t mind spending money on them. I think they make great additions to a non-candy Easter basket. I included both Easter themed books and non-holiday because I like the idea of teaching children about Easter through a book, but I don’t want a ton of books that are holiday specific. I’d have to store them all year long to use a few weeks each year. These are all books we either have and love or are on our list to purchase.

These are affiliate links with the Amazon Associates program.

  1. Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story
  2. Pinkalicious Eggstraordinary Easter
  3. 5 minute Little Critter Stories
  4. Daniel Tiger’s 5 minute Stories
  5. This Is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from around the World 
  6. First One Hundred Words in Spanish
  7. Disney Classic Me Reader Electronic e-Reader and 8 Soundbook Library
  8. 200 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly
  9. Shine a Light: The Human Body
  10. Madeline
  11. If I Built a Car
Books make a great addition to non-candy easter basket ideas for preschoolers
Some of preschoolers favorite books

PRACTICAL ITEMS for non-candy Easter baskets

I love filling Easter baskets with items that we need to buy anyways. Kids grow fast and their needs change, and there are usually at least a few things that we need. Easter marks the beginning of warmer weather in our part of the country, and it makes sense to include summer items that we are going to purchase eventually anyhow.

My kids also get excited to get new everyday items to replace old, worn out ones they have. I am going to take advantage of the years when they’re excited to receive a new toothbrush in their Easter baskets. I know they won’t last forever.

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  1. spring/summer socks
  2. sandals
  3. swimsuit
  4. toothbrush
  5. divided meal plate
  6. water bottle or thermos
  7. sunglasses or sun hat
  8. hair accessories (headband, bows, pony tail holders)
  9. bubble bath
  10. beach towel
  11. pajamas
Easter basket filled with eggs, not candy

Happy Easter to your family!

I hope you find this list of non-candy Easter basket ideas helpful. Every family is different and what works best will also be different. I anticipate that the way we celebrate Easter will change year to year as our kids grow and change, but this is what’s working for us this year.

I’d love to know your plans for your kids’ Easter baskets! Will you include candy? Toys? Leave a comment below.

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You are so sweet and thoughtful with this one. This is a great list that I will definitely keep on hand. I’m not quite to Easter yet, but this gets me excited for it. Inspiring ideas. Thanks.

These are such great suggestions, when it seems like the cultural norm is to provide the sugar rush. Games and crafts would be so helpful as well since we’re all staying at home. 🙂

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