75 Practical Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Love

Are you tired of stockings overflowing with junk? You know, the trinkets that fall apart after a few minutes of play or candy that results in a full on meltdown Christmas afternoon. You are not alone! To help solve this problem, I have brainstormed a list of practical stocking stuffers.

Christmas stockings hung near the fireplace are a classic tradition that go back as far as 1823. I have found that stocking stuffers are a great opportunity to stock up on items that we buy and use normally, but are maybe running low on or that could use a refresh. In our house, these are often art supplies, school/homework supplies, toiletries, cold weather accessories, and so on.

I encourage you to consider items your kids use up often and take the opportunity to put those things in stockings. I don’t feel the need to necessarily provide “magic” to my kids through stocking stuffers. Our kids are little and they are most excited about the toys and gifts Santa brings under the tree. That said, they do still really enjoy seeing what is in their stockings. Providing them with things that they both will use and love is a great balance for our family. Of course, every family is different and I in no way expect that what works for us will work for every family. Practical stocking stuffers are merely an option to consider.

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Also, I know this goes without saying. But, please use your best judgement when considering what is appropriate for the age of your child. Some of these items are appropriate for older or younger children and every item will not work for every age.

I’d love to know what you think of these practical stocking stuffers and also hear about what gifts your kids receive in their stockings. Please leave a comment below.

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Practical Stocking Stuffers Kids Love

  1. markers
  2. crayons
  3. glue or glue stick
  4. colored paper
  5. toothbrush
  6. sticky notes
  7. card games
  8. socks
  9. pajamas
  10. watercolor paints
  11. stickers
  12. small notebook
  13. hair bows
  14. hair brush
  15. hand sanitizer
  16. nightlight
  17. bike bell
  18. bike lights
  19. toboggan or beanie
  20. gloves or mittens
  21. chapstick
  22. stamp pad
  23. flash light
  24. magnifying glass
  25. hair ties
  26. slippers
  27. play doh
  28. paint brushes
  29. hole puncher
  30. magnets (for the fridge or magnet board)
  31. ornament (I love gifting an ornament specific to that year)
  32. sunglasses
  33. dot markers
  34. kid’s umbrella
  35. child garden tools
  36. figurines (doll house figures, superhero figures, zoo animals, etc.)
  37. small craft kit
  38. pencil sharpener
  39. Wikki sticks or pipe cleaners
  40. Tempera paint sticks
  41. bubble bath
  42. underwear
  43. kid-friendly stopwatch
  44. mother-child or father-child journal
  45. water bottle or straw cup
  46. sand timer (great for taking turns)
  47. hair detangling spray
  48. pencil erasers
  49. small board game
  50. kid identification bracelet
  51. small puzzle
  52. colorful tape
  53. label stickers
  54. bubbles
  55. bubble wand or blower
  56. kinetic sand
  57. eating utensils
  58. divided plates
  59. baking supplies (baking mixes, cupcake/muffin liners, sprinkles, or cookie cutters) for a kid that likes to bake
  60. seed packets for spring
  61. memory book or photo book
  62. tape dispenser
  63. pom pom balls
  64. stamps
  65. headphones
  66. walkie talkies
  67. binoculars
  68. bandaids
  69. kite
  70. rain boots
  71. rain jacket
  72. sidewalk chalk
  73. face mask
  74. hand warmers for kids
  75. body soap or lotion

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pin describing practical stocking stuffers kids love

What do you think of these practical stocking stuffers kids love?

I love hearing from readers and I’d love to hear what you think of this list. Did I forget anything? What do your kids get in their stockings? Leave a comment below.

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