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Spring Painting with Toilet Paper Rolls

Here are some great ideas to create Spring Paintings with Toilet Paper Rolls. Toilet paper rolls are a great stamping tool for preschoolers to paint with, they’re easy to come by and easy to use. I hope our creations give you ideas of spring paintings you can create with your kids! What do you need […]

Preschool Activities Workbooks

Free Printable Preschool Cutting Workbook for Kids

Cutting is such an important skill for preschoolers! Cutting with scissors develops fine motor skills important for writing and manipulating objects. Also kids, including my five year old twins, often love cutting! I created a free Preschool Cutting Workbook full of various cutting activities for my preschoolers and for yours! Scissor skills are more important […]


Free Preschool Patterns Workbook for Learning at Home

I have created a Free Preschool Patterns Workbook that is 25 printable pages of awesome pattern activities for kids to enjoy! The workbook includes 7 different types of activities. There are play dough pattern mats, worksheets to create your own pattern, cut and paste activities to finish the pattern, color to finish the pattern, and […]

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No prep, No mess Activities for Preschoolers

No prep, no mess activities keep preschoolers busy with less work for parents There are times throughout my day with three young kids that I need a fun activity that doesn’t involve prep on my part and won’t create a mess. After we’ve cleaned up dinner and before bed, for instance, I’m tired and I […]